How to find AdGuard logs

For analysis and diagnostic of different problems support service might need AdGuard log files. These files contain records about all errors occurred with the software recently. Below is the brief instruction describing the way to get the log files and send them to support service.

  1. Open the AdGuard settings. Go to the General Settings section, scroll down to the end of the screen and select Debug Logging Level.
  1. Reproduce the issue.

    • We strongly advise to specify the time when you reproduced the issue: it will help our support team to solve the problem.
  2. Export the recorded logs using the Export Log button.
  • Save the archive to any folder.
  1. Important: set the logging level back to Standard. Debug logging level will slow down the application.

  2. Send the archive to the AdGuard support service (, describe the problem and don't forget to mention the time when you reproduced the issue.