There already exists AdGuard for Android, one might think, why would they need another app? Let’s see.

Full-fledged ad blockers can’t be introduced in Google Play due to the policy of the store. Google Play banned ‘apps that block or interfere with another app displaying ads’.

As an alternative, Google offers to developers the Content blocking API. It has its limitations though, and quite severe. Currently, this API is supported only by two browsers: Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser.

A lot of complicated filtering rules that are supported in other AdGuard products are not functioning with this API. As a result, the ad blocking capabilities of AdGuard Content Blocker are far lower than those of AdGuard for Android, for example.

To fit into the policy framework, we have specially designed a separate free app, AdGuard Content Blocker — the best possible option within the limits set. Of course, it has certain restrictions and here they are:

  1. AdGuard Content Blocker only works in browsers that support technology of content blocking. Currently, there are two: Yandex Browser and Samsung Internet browser.
  2. Even within the existing technology, its abilities are quite limited. The app is basic and can hardly be even compared with our main products.

Yet, AdGuard Content Blocker can do certain things really well: it includes 20 language filters and common filters that allow you to fine-tune displaying ads on the websites you view. The user is able to configure preferred filters available in the settings as needed.

AdGuard Content Blocker is a free open source software, its source code is available on GitHub. With this app, your browsing experience will become safe and pleasant.

Still, if you want to have more functions in your ad blocking app, AdGuard for Android can be downloaded from our website.