Integration mode

What is integration mode?

For older versions of AdGuard Browser Extension, if you had it installed along with one of the AdGuard desktop apps (AdGuard for Windows or AdGuard for Mac), the extension took upon itself the functions of AdGuard Assistant — a tool that helped manage the filtering right from the web page. At the same time, the ad blocking itself was completely under of the desktop app's control, the extension and its settings played no role in that.

The problem was, in some cases the app and the extension would hamper each other’s work. Some websites would stop being protected by the desktop program and be backed up only by the extension which has less possibilities. So starting with AdGuard Browser Extension v3.5 the integration mode will go away. Instead, we introduce AdGuard Browser Assistant.

AdGuard Browser Assistant

AdGuard Browser Assistant is a new browser extension that works and feels just like the integration mode but much lighter, without redundant functions and doesn't interfere with the desktop apps. It's simple: if you already have one of the AdGuard desktop apps, feel free to remove AdGuard browser extension and install the Browser Assistant (you'll be prompted during the app installation or you can download it directly from our website).

The new Assistant has all the features you could previously find in the integration mode but it's more user-friendly and clean looking, and it is available for all major browsers.