AdGuard for Android helps you get rid of annoying ads on websites you view and in apps you use on your mobile device. It also protects you from fraudulent websites and online services that gather statistics, and safeguards your device from malware.

AdGuard for Android filters off any online advertisements, which makes web page loading much faster. With AdGuard, you also save a lot of traffic that is mostly used up by ads. This is particularly relevant for mobile Internet users, as many of them pay for each downloaded megabyte. Thanks to its technology, AdGuard for Android doesn’t require root access to work, so you can install it on almost any device with Android version 4.0.3 or higher.

The AdGuard for Android’s main function is adjustable web ad blocking. It’s no secret that annoying banners are almost everywhere – many developers of free apps and games for Android monetize them by implementing commercial push messages or demonstrating ads within the app itself. AdGuard for Android is able to fend off such commercials too. The traffic check is performed by a VPN-server installed on your device. This means your data are not transferred to any third-party servers, which makes filtering fast and not depending on your connection speed.

AdGuard for Android can work in the local HTTP proxy mode. It is recommended for users of rooted devices, i.e. smartphones and tablets with superuser (root) privileges attained via special procedure. Without such access, in this case user will have to set up the proxy server manually. Moreover, filtering in mobile networks (Edge/3G/4G) will be unavailable in the local HTTP proxy mode.

AdGuard for Android doesn’t only filter ads, but also identifies fraudulent websites and blocks their requests. The app will give you superb protection from Internet frauds who steal your login and bank account details by luring you to phishing websites. AdGuard keeps regularly updated database of websites known for distribution of malware, so it will protect your device from Android-based trojans by blocking their download.

There are numerous websites that collect information about their unknowing visitors. They record the user’s IP address and geographic position, OS and browser version, as well as some other data. AdGuard prohibits spyware from tracking your web activity, thus protecting your personal information and privacy from overly curious scripts and websites.

AdGuard for Android includes a firewall that allows you to establish flexible control over the access of your apps to the web. For example, if you don’t want any of your apps to use the traffic you paid for by syncing with a remote server or updating online, you can restrict its use of mobile traffic and only allow it to communicate via Wi-Fi.

AdGuard for Android is an easy-to-use and convenient app with intuitive interface that will make your browsing experience secure and comfortable.