Writing about AdGuard

Do you have a natural talent for writing? Do you also happen to enjoy AdGuard? Then this article is for you. We encourage everyone to express their impressions of AdGuard products in social media, personal blogs and on websites. How did you end up choosing AdGuard, what do you like about it? We'd be thrilled to see more stories about AdGuard spread over the internet!

Once you share your experience online, send us a link to st@adguard.com and we'll thank you with a free license key. It does not really matter if your website's audience is ten people or a thousand, we respect every effort. The only note to keep in mind is that your review should be roughly about 300 to 500 words.

Want to go for something less conventional like shooting a video, or maybe you have some other genius idea on your mind? Don't limit yourself, but better let us know in advance just in case to avoid future misunderstandings. Same goes for when your grand plan involves using of AdGuard logo, banners or other visuals. The contact email remains the same: st@adguard.com.