Modern users spend a lot of time on the Internet, and Apple device owners are no exception. The macOS developers did everything to make Mac users comfortable working with their products. However, the operating system still isn’t capable of protecting them from annoying ads, while the blockers currently available on the market can’t filter all types of advertising – for instance, block commercial videos on YouTube or other similar services.

AdGuard for macOS is a unique app made particularly for blocking ads, protecting users from phishing and personal data gathering on the Internet, that takes cue from macOS architecture. AdGuard can work with Safari as well as with any other compatible browser. Apart from video ads and banners, AdGuard for macOS is able to filter other annoying website elements, such as contact forms, online consultation modules, etc. Moreover, AdGuard is able to block ads in various macOS applications without interfering with their work. This app doesn’t need to be specifically adjusted – your Mac will be protected by AdGuard right after you install it.

Content is filtered on the local computer before web pages are loaded onto the browser screen. This allows for significant traffic use decrease, and pages will load much faster without unnecessary elements. This AdGuard version has been specifically developed for Apple computers, and it is fully compatible with all macOS versions starting with macOS X 10.10 x64. It doesn’t matter which browser you use – AdGuard works perfectly with Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, or any other page-viewing app compatible with macOS.

AdGuard for macOS utilizes a set of filters to block ads. Flexible adjustment is available to block select elements on certain pages or exclude some sites from filtering lists. The filters are updated automatically, and are always up-to-date.

Apart from filtering ads, AdGuard for macOS protects its users from potential malware, spyware, and phishing websites.

Phishing is a common web fraud aimed at stealing your personal data (passwords, bank account details, etc.). It is carried out using fake web pages mimicking popular websites or real services, such as web stores or social networks.

A special module, Browsing Security, protects AdGuard for macOS users from this type of fraud and warns them of attempts at redirection to potentially malicious websites.

Many websites gather information about their visitors, such as their IP addresses, browser and operating system information, screen resolution, etc. A site can mark your browser with cookies to gather your statistics, save your settings, or automatically identify you upon repeat visit. Spyware Filter by AdGuard for macOS protects your personal data and private information from such statistics gathering systems. Spyware Filter will not allow anyone to track your web activity.

To learn more about the work, capabilities, and settings of different AdGuard for macOS modules, check out our Database.