How to add your own DNS filter

If you want to block ads or tracking outside of Safari on iOS, you will have to opt for DNS blocking. Most commonly, you need to use a blocking DNS server (for example, AdGuard DNS), but there is another way in AdGuard apps for iOS: you can add your own DNS filter or hosts file.

This method has several advantages:
1) You can use any DNS server at your discretion and you are not tied up to a specific blocking server.
2) You can add multiple DNS filters and/or hosts files at the same time, but you can't use multiple DNS servers at once.

To add your own DNS filter* in the AdGuard app for iOS or AdGuard Pro, follow these steps:

*⠀Don't confuse it with adding a custom filter to Safari.

  1. Open AdGuard Pro Settings —> General —> Enable Advanced mode.

  2. Go to DNS protection —> DNS filtering —> DNS filters —> Press Add filter.

Let's illustrate how to add your own DNS filter by an example of our AdGuard DNS filter.

DNS filter is composed from several other filters (English filter, Social media filter, Spyware filter, Mobile ads filter, EasyList and EasyPrivacy) and simplified to be better compatible with DNS-level ad blocking.

  1. Paste this link: to add AdGuard DNS filter (or use a link to any other filter you want to add).

That's it! You've successfully added a custom filter!