AdGuard for Android is a unique mobile application that blocks any ads on web pages you are viewing and in apps installed on your smartphone or tablet PC, protects its user from malware and spyware, and safeguarding their personal data from statistics gathering systems. Main functions of AdGuard for Android are presented below.

Ad Blocker

The main function of AdGuard for Android is filtering off ads both on websites and in apps or games. AdGuard is compatible with all mobile browsers on Android 5 or higher. It clears the websites you view from all unwanted content, which significantly decreases your traffic use. When you start using AdGuard, you’ll notice how much faster your browser is working.

Apart from banners, AdGuard for Android is able to filter other annoying elements often implemented by website owners, such as social network widgets, popup windows, contact forms, cookie warnings, etc.

Many free software owners monetize their apps by showing ads as push notifications or right within the applications. AdGuard efficiently blocks such annoying advertisements without affecting the app itself or its settings.

Users can choose two modes to operate AdGuard in. The first mode allows it to filter the traffic on your device via local VPN server, which renders AdGuard’s speed and efficiency non-dependent on your Internet connection. In the second mode, the app launches a local HTTP proxy server on your mobile device. If you have not obtained root access for your Android OS, local HTTP proxy mode will not allow filtering in mobile networks (Edge/3G/4G); in addition, the proxy server will require manual adjustment. That is why this mode is recommended for rooted devices.

AdGuard for Android utilizes a set of filters to block ads; however, there is the Allowlist where you can add URLs you would like the app to view as exceptions, as well as User Filter that allows you to create and adjust your own filtering rules. You can also turn off filtering for select applications.

HTTPS Filtering

AdGuard is able to filter traffic shared via protected protocol HTTPS. For this, you will need to install a specially generated digital certificate that can be found in the AdGuard settings. The filter has flexible settings and provides for the Allowlist and Blocklist. This allows the user to decide which HTTPS domains should be filtered or not.

Browsing Security

Phishing is a very common web fraud aimed at stealing your personal data (passwords, bank account details, etc.). It is carried out using fake web pages mimicking popular websites or real services, such as web stores or social networks. Many phishing websites have URLs that are only different from the real ones in a few symbols.

The Browsing Security module protects smartphone and tablet users from visiting fraudulent and malicious websites. In addition, it prevents malware from being downloaded onto your device. At the same time, the user’s personal information is not transferred anywhere, and AdGuard servers do not know which websites the user is visiting, because security check is not performed via open web address (URL) but through hash prefixes (hash is a certain data structure that renders unambiguous each address added to the base).

Privacy Protection

Many websites gather information about their visitors, such as their IP addresses, information about browser and operating system, screen resolution, and even what page the user was redirected from. AdGuard offers a unique module called Stealth Mode that will protect your privacy. Find in-depth review of Stealth Mode in a dedicated article.

Aside from the Stealth Mode, AdGuard is armed with the Tracking Protection filter. It protects your personal data from automatic data gathering systems. Turn on this filter, and site owners will have a hard time tracking your web activity.


AdGuard for Android Firewall allows flexible control over your installed apps’ Internet access. For example, it can deny Wi-Fi or mobile network access to active apps on your smartphone or tablet. You can also change the rules of background Internet connection for your apps when the screen is locked. Base your decisions on the detailed statistics that AdGuard provides for each individual app, as well as overall.