The AdGuard application comprises several modules and has a broad scope of capabilities that are not limited to ad filtering. This section gives a brief overview of the AdGuard for Microsoft Windows functions and features.

Ad Blocker

The Ad Blocker module removes all ad banners and messages from web pages. The module uses special filters that are actually sets of filtering rules.

You can temporarily turn off Ad Blocker completely if necessary, or make it unblock the useful ads. This tab also allows you to access the filter editor and block log.

Browsing Security

The Browsing Security module protects you from malware and phishing websites. It will not let you install malware and will protect you from web frauds. How it works.

To learn more about Browsing Security, read the dedicated article of our Knowledgebase.

Stealth Mode

The Stealth Mode module protects you and your personal info from being tracked by online statistics gathering resources.

To learn more about Stealth Mode, read the dedicated article.

Parental Control

The Parental Control module ensures children’s web safety. Enable it for users you would like to protect from unacceptable information. How Parental Control works and what it’s for. To learn more about Parental Control, read the dedicated article of our Knowledgebase.


To make your browsing experience even more comfortable, AdGuard can perform the functions of a convenient user script manager. Moreover, AdGuard utilizes several pre-installed extensions.

AdGuard Assistant

Allows quick and easy filtering control right in your browser.

AdGuard Popup Blocker

Blocks popup ads on web pages.

Web of Trust

Shows Internet users’ opinions regarding any website. Disabled by default.