Why is AdGuard better than other adblockers

AdGuard is often compared with well-known browser-extensions - Adblock and Adblock Plus. In this article we describe what main advantages AdGuard has, that his competitors haven’t.

Adguard’s advantages are largely due to the limitations that are imposed on browser-based extensions. Adblock and Adblock Plus technologically are not able to remove all the ads on the page. That’s because AdGuard processes page even before it is loaded into the browser, removing all advertising elements. Extensions work on a different principle based on ad blocking capabilities of a browser. That is why an additional page post-processing step is required for hiding the blocked elements. If you've ever used Adblock, then you surely noticed how the hiding banners “blink”.

The second advantage of AdGuard is also due to the fact that it is a separate program, not a browser-extension. AdGuard can block ads in any browser. Whatever browser you use, whether it's Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer or Yandex… - with AdGuard you will forget about irritating online ads.

If you use a rare browser - it can be a problem for Adblock and Adblock Plus, because these extensions exist only for the most popular browsers. With AdGuard you won’t have these problems, you can easily add your browser to the protected list.

And that’s not all. AdGuard can block ads in Skype, uTorrent and many other common programs. Just add them to the list of browsers and restart.

In addition to blocking ads, AdGuard gives you a lot of additional tools. Perhaps the most important of them is the Phishing Filter. Operation of this module is built on the use of constantly updated blacklists of malicious and phishing sites. AdGuard uses the two main sources. First is the list of Google Safe Browsing. Second is AdGuard’s own blacklists. We are constantly monitoring data on the safety of websites and quickly improve our filters.

Some users use AdGuard instead of antivirus, some with it. In any case, AdGuard seriously increases the security of your computer on the network.

There is popular misconception that Adblock and Adblock Plus almost do not consume resources. But is it really so?

To check this we will use the Task Manager in Google Chrome browser.

Note that even in the most simple settings and one single filter enabled, extensions consume 100 megabytes of RAM. AdGuard consumes almost the same amount of resources while offering much more features.

To sum up:

1. AdGuard blocks ads up before they are loaded into the browser.

2. AdGuard really saves traffic used by you.

3. AdGuard works in any browser.

4. AdGuard can remove ads from Skype, uTorrent and other applications.

5. AdGuard helps to protect you from viruses and scams.