AdGuard has been created to make your browsing experience pleasant and comfortable. It is not just a web filter and ad blocker – it is a convenient and fully adjustable tool that helps you save your traffic, load your web pages faster, and protect your computer from undesirable and potentially malicious content. With AdGuard, you can forget all about annoying banners and popup windows. This is not the whole scope of the application’s capabilities, though. AdGuard will protect you from phishing websites, and your children from information they should not yet come across due to age restrictions. However, everything in its turn.

Adguard’s main function is filtering ads on websites you are visiting. It doesn’t matter which browser you use – AdGuard works perfectly fine with any website-viewing applications. If your browser is not included in the list of default ones, you can add it there without any trouble. Apart from utilizing the ready-made set of filters, the user can block select objects on the pages they are viewing or turn off filtering for certain websites. AdGuard not only filters the built-in banners on web pages but also prevents popup windows from opening and advertising clips from appearing when you watch online videos.

An important feature of AdGuard for Windows is that it filters off the ads even before the web page is loaded in the browser, thus significantly lowering the Internet data sharing (which is an important factor if you pay for traffic use) and accelerating web surfing. Apart from filtering ads, AdGuard for Windows protects its users from potential malware, spyware, and fraudulent websites. The so-called phishing Internet sites are of particular concern.

Phishing is a common web fraud aimed at stealing your personal data (passwords, bank account details, etc.). It is carried out using fake web pages mimicking popular websites or real services, such as web stores or social networks.

A special module, Browsing Security, protects AdGuard for Windows users from this type of fraud and warns them of attempts at redirection to potentially malicious websites. The Browsing Security database is updated automatically, and is always up-to-date.

Every person working on the Internet leaves invisible footsteps there: counters built in websites gather information about their IP-address (and, therefore, about their current location), their browser version, operating system, screen resolution, and lots of other data. A site can mark your browser with cookies to gather your statistics, save your settings, or automatically identify you upon repeat visit. Your personal data and private information will be secure with another AdGuard module called Stealth Mode. Stealth Mode will always keep you safe and sound.

The Internet may be a dangerous place for young users. Violence, adult themes, crude language, gambling, drug propaganda – this list is far from complete where it concerns the information children should be restricted from. AdGuard Parental Control module will help you with this. Just turn it on, set the filter sensitivity, and you don’t have to worry that your child will stumble upon an inappropriate website anymore. Parental Control also allows you to turn on filtering of search results and set a password to protect AdGuard settings. Now you won’t need to buy separate applications to filter web content – with AdGuard, your family will always be well-protected.

To learn more about the work, capabilities, and settings of different AdGuard modules, check out our Knowledge Database.