What is AdGuard VPN?

AdGuard VPN a virtual private network (VPN), which is a secure tunnel between two or more devices.
Connecting to a VPN gives you an encrypted connection to the Internet. This allows you to stay private, stay secure, and access the online content you want — no matter where you are.
If you are interested in more details on what VPN is and how it works, check this article.

Why do I need VPN?

A VPN is a multi-purpose digital survival tool. You can use your VPN to:

  • Hide your real IP address, which reveals a lot about you — like your real geolocation, comments on forums, torrent downloads, and more, and surf the web with added privacy.
  • Shield yourself from snoopers & hackers from accessing your files, messages, or other private information on public Wi-Fi.
  • Unblock and access your favorite websites and social media platforms.
  • Stream and download anything securely, anonymously, and with no limits.
  • Get discounts when you shop online (local prices and special offers are sometimes more favorable).

What makes AdGuard VPN better than other VPNs?

Over the years we proved that we can be trusted, and 20M+ users agree. We have a strict no logging policy and we even developed our own safe protocol specifically for AdGuard VPN. Our VPN service has several advantages over its competitors. We provide unique features like domain exclusions and custom DNS servers (more here).

What are the advantages of AdGuard VPN protocol?

While there are other tested and proven solutions, AdGuard offers an unparalleled level of security compared to other popular communication protocols. Combined with high speed and reliability, it's a perfect choice for a multipurpose VPN service like AdGuard.

How do I install AdGuard VPN?

Detailed installation manuals for all platforms are available in this article.

Why is there “Beta” in the name of AdGuard VPN?

Beta means that we will be updating the extension frequently. You still can use AdGuard VPN without any constraints. We would like you to ask questions and share feedback about the app’s performance.

Do you log my data?

AdGuard VPN is a privacy-focused company that does not share or sell any of your personal data. We are proud to say that we fight for users' privacy and we are strongly committed to this principle and to being as transparent as possible.

We do not store activity logs or connection logs of our users. AdGuard VPN does collect minimal information about the usage of our services in order to identify and address technical issues, but this information cannot be used to connect you to any specific activity or behavior. For more information on what data and how exactly we process, please check our Privacy policy.

What is the best server for me to connect to?

In order to pick the best server to connect, you need to decide what you are going to be using the VPN for and then choose a server accordingly. See common uses below:

For Anonymity:
If you are connecting strictly for anonymity, connect to the country and city closest to your location.

To Change Your Location:
If you are connecting in order to hide your actual location, choose a location in which you wish to be identified.

For Fastest Speed:
On our locations screen in AdGuard VPN app or extension, select the Fastest option before you click “Connect” to enable the VPN.

What is the difference between the paid and free versions of AdGuard VPN?

In the paid version there is unlimited speed and no traffic limit (as opposed to 3GB per month in the free version).

How to buy AdGuard VPN?

Proceed to the payment page and choose the plan that suits you best. We have 1-month, 1-year and 2-year subscription options.

What restrictions do users of the free version have?

  • VPN can be used only on two devices simultaneously
  • Speed cap is 20 Mbit/s
  • Traffic limit is 3 GB per month
  • Some locations are not available
  • Streaming services are not supported
  • Email clients can’t be used for sending messages (on iOS and Android)

The last point should be addressed separately: free users of AdGuard VPN for iOS and Android cannot send emails in email clients. It’s impossible because we block port 25, which is used for outgoing emails, and thus reinsure against spam. However, sending emails with web email services works perfectly well. And on AdGuard VPN for Android you can add apps to exclusions so that email apps will function as well.

How many devices can be connected to AdGuard VPN simultaneously?

Most likely you are reading this because you’ve seen the “Maximum number of connections reached” warning. One AdGuard VPN subscription covers up to 5 simultaneously connected devices (of any types, in any combination).

If you reach the limit and want to connect another device, please disconnect any of your devices that you are not using. To do so, click or tap the “Disconnect” button on the corresponding device. Alternatively, if you need to connect more than 5 devices, you can purchase additional subscription (it will cover 5 more devices).

What subscription options do you have?

We have 3 price plans: 1 month (billed once a month), 1 year (billed once a year) and 2 years (billed annually) subscriptions. Choose whichever suits you best.

How does the 30-day money-back guarantee work?

We grant our customers a possibility to return 100% of funds they spent on AdGuard 1-year subscriptions purchased from https://adguard-vpn.com/ (for subscriptions purchased elsewhere, look for the refund policy of that particular reseller). For 1-year subscriptions we have 30-day money-back-guarantee. All refund requests for 1-year subscriptions made within 30 days since the purchase date are satisfied no matter what the reason is.

To get a refund for 1-year subscription purchased on the official website, you need to contact the support team: support@adguard-vpn.com.
Processing time will depend on the payment method you have chosen and usually takes up to 5-10 business days.