If you suspect your computer is infected by malware or viruses, first of all you can inspect your computer with utilities from leading antiviruses.

Free antivirus utilities

There are many of them and you can use any one you prefer, here is simply a couple examples:

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool

Dr.Web CureIt!

If this check with antivirus utilities revealed nothing, but the computer still behaves suspiciously, try to test it for adware, which can implement its advertising on any pages that you open.

How to clean your system from Adware?

On the Internet, you can find a lot of applications that are aimed at fighting this problem. You can use any utility you like. But we strongly recommend using AdwareCleaner by Malwarebytes. This application is quite easy to use and you will be able to handle it by yourself.

After the application has been downloaded and successfully installed, you should take the following steps:

1) Start the application and click scan now.

2) Once the scan has been completed, you will need to send suspicious objects to quarantine.

3) When the items are moved to quarantine, you will be able to clear the system of unnecessary ballast.
4) In some cases, you may need to reboot the system after cleaning is complete.

5) Once the system has been rebooted, cleaning will be completed, if necessary, you can always read the report on the work done.

If it didn’t help, temporary disable all extensions and some other settings in the browser according to this instructions.

If disabling of settings and extensions does not help, try to re-create shortcuts of your browsers.

Further on this page we describe the instructions to remove some of the most commonly encountered ad extensions.

How to disable settings and extensions in the browser?

Below are the instructions on how to disable settings and extensions for the most popular browsers.

If you use Google Chrome, read this manual.

If you use Mozilla Firefox, read this manual.

If you use the Opera browser, read this manual.

How to re-create shortcuts for your browsers?

Very often, malware and adware programs install their homepage in a very simple way - they substitute your browser's desktop shortcut, taskbar and "Start" menu items.

The simplest solution in this case is to manually delete all the shortcuts and recreate them by yourself.

How to remove

If instead of the home page, you always open, it’s likely that shortcuts for your browser(s) have been substituted. Try to recreate the shortcuts to get rid of this problem.

How to remove Mobogenie?

To get rid of this software, check your computer with a free utility: e.g. the free one from Doctor Web: Dr.Web CureIt!.

How to Remove Ads by BetterSurf?

What is BetterSurf?

BetterSurf is an advertising program that builds itself into your browser. This program put up its ads on all websites that you visit. Externally such ads look quite ordinary, and you can easily not notice them among the regular banners posted by this site. But with a keen eye you will be able to easily recognize these ads as ads that "wasn’t here before". For example, it's extremely easy to notice on websites like Facebook or Twitter.

To get rid of this program, use the following instructions.

How to remove

If you meet a pop-up by, then most likely your computer is infected with malicious adware. You can find instructions for removing it at this link.