Version 5.9 (and newer) makes it possible to install extensions in Adguard. Adguard extension is basically a userscript.

First of all we need to understand what it is. Userscript is a script, written in Javascript that extends the functionality of one or more sites. Adguard users already know one such extension. It is the Adguard Assistant. You can see its icon in the corner of any web page.

Where can you get userscripts?

Userscripts are mostly the people's art, that is why, you need to be careful, when installing a userscript. But, nevertheless, there is a great variety of interesting scripts that can really make the use of some websites more convenient.

There are several popular userscript catalogues. We will describe them in this article. is a catalogue of user styles, but it allows you to unload them as userscripts. Thus, any user style can be installed in Adguard.

Do you want to paint Facebook in pink? Or make Youtube look like this:

No problem, find the suitable style at and install it in Adguard.

Greasy Fork

Greasy Fork is a userscript catalogue by In contrast to the late, scripts in this catalogue undergo moderation, so that their credibility is much higher. is an open source userscript catalogue written in nodeJS.


MonkeyGuts is an absolutely new userscript catalogue. Is currently in beta testing.