First, let's get it clear. What is a userscript? Userscripts (we also call them 'extensions' sometimes) de-facto are mini-programs written in Javascript. They modify or extend functionality of one or more websites. Many AdGuard users must be already familiar with such userscripts as AdGuard Assistant, PopupBlocker and AdGuard Extra.

Supported apps

Currently, custom scripts are supported in: AdGuard for Windows, AdGuard for Android and AdGuard for Mac (Mac version does not yet allow you to add your own custom scripts).

Recommended AdGuard scripts


These userscripts come directly from AdGuard developers and we can guarantee that they will be effective and safe. Keep in mind that whenever you download a userscript from an unknown source you expose yourself to a risk. Some scripts can be harmful to your computer. Always get new scripts only from sources you trust 100%. Further are some examples of popular sites with scripts.

  • AdGuard Assistant - This extension lets you manage the filtering process right from the page.

  • AdGuard Extra - an extension that blocks advertising in difficult cases when the usual filter-based approach is not enough.

  • PopupBlocker - The name speaks for itself. It helps get rid of popups - one of the most irritating types of ads out there.

Where can you get more userscripts?

Userscripts are mostly created by enthusiasts, that is why you need to be careful when installing a new one. But nevertheless, there is a great variety of interesting scripts that can really make the use of some websites more convenient.

Here we will describe some of the most popular userscript catalogs.

Stylish ( is a catalog of user styles, but it allows you to load them as userscripts. Thus, any user style can be installed via AdGuard. Be careful if you decide to install an unpopular script - there's a risk it might be harmful.

Greasy Fork

Greasy Fork is a userscript catalog by Stylish creators. In contrast to the aforemntioned, scripts in this catalog undergo moderation, so their credibility is much higher. is an open source userscript catalog written in nodeJS. It doesn't have moderation so stay alert to any suspicious scripts.


If you like the idea of personifying your browser with the help of userscripts, and you have any questions, you can ask them on one of these websites:


Request License

Any userscript author may request an Adguard license key for testing purposes.

To get it, please send an email to devteam at with the following information:

Subject: Userscript author license request

Body: Please tell us about the userscripts you are working on.

Here is a mailto link.


Metadata block

Supported properties
Unsupported properties

These properties will be simply ignored by Adguard.

@noframes - Adguard won't execute a userscript inside of any iframe.

Supported GM functions

AdGuard supports both old GM_ functions and new GM4 API that use GM object.

GM.getValue / GM_getValue
GM.setValue / GM_setValue
GM.deleteValue / GM_deleteValue
GM.listValues / GM_listValues
GM.getResourceUrl / GM_getResourceURL
GM.setClipboard / GM_setClipboard
GM.xmlHttpRequest / GM_xmlhttpRequest / GM_info
GM_getResourceText (deprecated)
GM_addStyle (deprecated)
GM_log (deprecated)

Partially supported GM functions

GM.openInTab / GM_openInTab - Just a shortcut to


// ==UserScript==
// @name            Name as shown to the user when locale is english or unknown
// @name:ru         Name as shown to the user when locale is russian
// @description     Description as shown to the user when locale is english or unknown
// @description:ru  Description as shown to the user when locale is russian
// @icon  
// @version
// @downloadURL
// @updateURL
// @homepageURL
// @include         *
// @exclude         *://*
// @resource
// @require
// @grant           property:settings
// @grant           GM_getValue
// @grant           GM_setValue
// @grant           GM_deleteValue
// @grant           GM_listValues
// @grant           GM_getResourceText
// @grant           GM_getResourceURL
// @grant           GM_addStyle
// @grant           GM_log
// @grant           GM_setClipboard
// @grant           GM_xmlhttpRequest
// @grant           unsafeWindow
// @grant           GM_info
// @grant           GM_openInTab
// @grant           GM_registerMenuCommand
// @run-at document-start
// ==/UserScript==

    console.log("I am loaded!");