AdGuard license key

What is AdGuard license key?

A license key is a unique sequence of characters that activates AdGuard. A license key is required for AdGuard to work after the trial period expiration. There are two types of licenses available:

  1. Personal - This license key allows you to activate AdGuard on any three devices.

  2. Family - This license key allows you to activate AdGuard on any nine devices.

Please notice: all types of licenses are universal. You can use any license to activate AdGuard on any of the operating systems — Windows, Mac, Android, or iOS.

You can manage your license keys in your AdGuard Account.

To purchase AdGuard license key click here.

How to activate AdGuard with a license key?

Activating AdGuard for Windows

  1. Open the program.
    To do it, doubleclick on the AdGuard icon on the desktop: 

or double click on the AdGuard icon in the system tray: 

  1. Go to License in the main menu, then click Activate license.
  1. You will be presented with two options for activation:
    • Via entering Login and Password from AdGuard account.
  • Via entering the license key.

Activating AdGuard for Mac

  1. Open AdGuard menu.

To do it, click on the AdGuard icon in the menu bar: 

  1. Open options menu by clicking on gear icon and choose License... 
  1. In the opened window press Activate
  1. You will be presented with two options for activation:
    • Activation by entering Login and Password from AdGuard account.
  • Activation with the license key.

Activating AdGuard for Android

  1. Open the application and go to the license menu.
    To do so, tap the Get Premium button at the top of the screen.
    You can also go to the license menu by tap to License Status:
  1. Click the three dots in the top right corner of the screen
    In the small window you will see 3 functions:
  • Get a free trial (14-day trial period).
  • Activate Premium.
  • Restore purchases (Restores the license if you've reinstalled the app).
  1. After you press Activate Premium, you will be presented with several activation options:
    • Enter Login and Password from AdGuard account.
    • Sign in with one of the social networks (Twitter, Google Account, Facebook, Yandex, VK).
  • Activation with the license key.

Activating AdGuard for iOS

  1. Open the application and tap on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  2. Then go to License. You will see that window:

Advanced protection

  1. You can purchase the license directly from the AppStore, or activate Premium using authorization in AdGuard account.

Note: For successful activation you need to have at least one "free" license on your account.

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Transferring license to another device

When you activate the program with a license key, this key gets bound to the device used to perform the activation. The same license key can be activated on a limited number of devices. If the key has already been used on the maximum allowed number of devices, you need to reset it before using this key again. You can do it in your AdGuard Account.

How to recover my license key?

You can easily check which license keys belong to you in your AdGuard Account.

The license key is bound to your account via the email address you used to purchase AdGuard.

Please note that it is often not enough to just find out what your license key is. If it was already used on another computer, it’s necessary to unbind it from that computer through the AdGuard Account before using it again.

How to register the AdGuard Account?

When you purchase an AdGuard license key, your personal AdGuard account is automatically registered for the email address used for the purchase. An email is sent to this address with the details of the automatic registration of your personal account and an activation link. If for some reason you miss this email or forget your password, you can recover your password.

If you don’t have an AdGuard account, we suggest that you create one by clicking this link.

An AdGuard account allows you to manage your license keys, their binding to your devices, and your purchase history.

Learn more about the account features below.

What functions are available in my AdGuard personal account?

When you enter the AdGuard personal account you will see the list of your license keys and their current status.

This is how you can manage your AdGuard licenses and subscriptions.

Renew or upgrade

You can renew your key for another year, switch to lifetime protection, or upgrade to a family license (which covers more devices).

Unbind from the device

When you activate a license key on a device, this device gets added to the list under the license key. The number of devices that can use the same license key is limited. If you reach this limit, you need to unbind an existing device from the license key before using this key on a new device.

To unbind your license key from a device, click the cross icon next to that device, as shown in this picture:

Change card details or cancel subscription

To do so, find the subscription you need to manage and click on the card icon near it:

What to do after the key was renewed?

After renewing AdGuard for the next year, you should restart the program/app or update the license status in the License section for the changes to take effect.

Payment options

To purchase an AdGuard license through our website, do the following:

1. Go to the payment page.

2. Select an appropriate option depending on whether you want to renew your existing license key or purchase a new one.

3. Choose the license type. Currently, we have two license types: Personal and Family.

4. Select the preferred currency, license period, and the number of devices you want to use with AdGuard.

5. Enter and confirm your email address.

Attention! Please be very careful when entering your email address. The license key is sent to this address, and your personal AdGuard account is also automatically created for this address. Make sure you don't make any typos.

6. Choose the payment method.

We accept credit cards or PayPal payments.

License key activation

The purchased license key will be sent to the specified email address. You will need to activate your AdGuard installation with this license key. Detailed instructions on how to do it are available here.

Refund policy

To get a refund, contact our support team and indicate what payment option you have used. Note that a refund may be denied if you purchased the license key more than 60 days ago.