Integration mode

Extension and Program Integration

If you already use an AdGuard app, our browser extension may become a very useful additional tool, which can completely replace the browser-based “AdGuard Assistant” module.

How does AdGuard extension work in integration mode with AdGuard for Windows or macOS?

  • Extension icon color changes to blue;

  • Extension doesn’t filter pages any more - now this function lays completely on desktop program;

  • Extension settings are ignored; instead, desktop program’s settings are used.

Integration mode features

Enable or disable filtering on a website

Disabling the filtering on a website, creates an exception rule in the user filter. There are two options to enable the filtering back:

  1. Using the same switcher in extension, which disabled the filtering;

  1. Removing the rule from user filter.

Select and block any element manually

In the extension, select “Block ad on this website”;

On a page, select an object that needs to be removed;

Adjust the area to be blocked with a “slider” and click “Block” to proceed.
The rule created by Assistant falls into the user filter. This rule can be easily removed in the program.

View filtering log

To open filtering log click on magnifying glass icon in extension menu;

You can view detailed report on every filtered page;

Each request can be blocked by clicking on a respective button.

Send complaint on a website

In the extension, select “Submit a complaint on this website”;

Choose a reason for complaint on this website and leave your comment.
Submitted complaints are automatically grouped by websites and are handled in descending order by number of complaints;

Note that after sending a complaint, solving the problem may take some time.

If you want to speed up the process, then leave a message about unblocked ads in our Forum.

View website security report

To see website security report, select the respective line in the extension menu;

A page with website’s reputation based on Web of Trust statistics will be opened in a new tab.