AdGuard AdBlocker Installation in Google Chrome or Chromium

Open in your browser the page of Chrome Web Store. In the top of window that opened click Add to Chrome button.

In the opened dialogue window click Add extension button.

AdGuard AdBlocker Installation in Opera

Open the page in your browser.

Click the button Add to Opera in the right side of window.

AdGuard AdBlocker Installation in Firefox

Open the page in your browser.

Click the button Add to Firefox.

AdGuard AdBlocker Installation in Yandex Browser

Click the button Yandex Browser settings in the right-top part of the browser's window and then choose Extensions item in drop-down menu.

Scroll the page down and move AdGuard switch in Content blocking area to the right.

AdGuard AdBlocker Installation in Microsoft Edge

Open in your browser AdGuard AdBlocker page, and then click Get button.

Press Free button in the window that opened.

Wait for the installation to complete. Microsoft Edge will be opened automatically and offers you to turn AdBlocker on.

AdGuard for Safari installer

After Apple started to force developers to use the new SDK, there are no more browser extensions in the familiar sense. Install the free AdGuard for Safari extension to block ads and trackers in Safari browser. To do so, follow this link.